Veteran’s Day

In honor of Veterans Day, I found this article fascinating, especially as a graphic designer.

Cancer Isn't Pink

* * * The following article is copyrighted by the Armed Forces History Museum. I found the information new to myself and wanted to share it with others who may not have known about this tactic. * * * 

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God Bless Our Veterans and Thank You for Your Service!

World War IIs US Ghost Army

Overview of the Ghost Army

During World War II the Ghost Army, a tactical deception unit which imitated prior British operations, was used by the US military. Information on this unit remained undisclosed until 1996. In fact, parts of it still remain classified.

The conception of the Ghost Army unit began in 1942 when the British used this deceptive technique during the battle of el Alamein. The US Ghost Army was made up of 1,100 men. Their mission was to deceive the enemy by impersonating other US Army units…

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