Lutheran Rosary? Anglican Rosary?

One of the many creative things I do is make jewelry and rosaries, both Catholic and Anglican. (My etsy site is, if you want to have a look.) This is an interesting way to use the Anglican Rosary during Lent.

The Black Cordelias

Are either of these devotions

  1. Used at the parish level
  2. Commonly known to Lutherans or Anglicans?
    Sometimes known as the “Anglican rosary,” “Christian prayer beads,” or “ecumenical prayer beads,” Anglican prayer beads are a loop of strung beads which Anglicans and other Christians use as a focus for prayer. Anglican prayer beads were developed in the mid-1980s by Episcopalians participating in a study group dealing with methods of prayer. SOURCE


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Under the Red Dress

Under the Red Dress

NOTE: NUDE IMAGES. This article speaks to me, especially, because I’ve had some of the same procedures as Beth. Fortunately, even though I’m on Medicaid, I have one of the best reconstructive surgeons in Kentucky and my scars are not quite as bad as this. But they are there. And they are there for more women than you might think.

Pancreatic Cancer Action Campaign: I Wish I Had Breast Cancer

Thanks to Swoosieque at Cancer Is Not Pink for sharing this.


Congratulations, Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Your brilliant marketing plan is working. It was a stroke of genius to have Tube ads and YouTube videos of people saying “I wish I had testicular cancer” and “I wish I had breast cancer.”

The UK-based  Pancreatic Cancer Action’s Ali Stunt  was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer age 41 in 2007.  Upon learning the disease has a 3% chance of survival and an average life expectancy of just months, she found herself  wishing she had  a cancer with a  better chance of survival. “In fact the cancer I personally wished I had was breast,” Stunt writes. “[My friend with breast cancer] was telling me how grueling her treatment was and how difficult it was to cope with the diagnosis. While I was sympathetic…I couldn’t help but think every now and then, ‘it’s alright for you, you have an 85% chance that you will…

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