I’m Not Dead Yet…

I knew it had been a while since I’d posted, but I didn’t realize it’s been THIS long. I should bring things up to date. SO MUCH has happened since the last post!

First, I’m single. Again. The “wonderful boyfriend” who had been so supportive decided, a week before the surgery, that he couldn’t handle the thought of me going through what I was about to, so he broke up with me. Via text. I suppose it’s for the best, in the long run, that I know now whether I could actually depend on him, but damn if it doesn’t STILL hurt, two months later.

The surgery was August 21st. I was in surgery for WAY longer that I’d thought, 13 hours total. The cancer surgeon, Dr. Wright, came in and did her part, which was essentially to “melon-ball” my breasts. From what I can tell, she basically scooped out all the insides, leaving the outer skin intact (except for the nipples–those are gone). Then Dr. Rinker, the plastic surgeon came in and made incisions all the way across my lower abdomen, from hip to hip, and moved my belly fat up to my breasts, stuffing them like pimientos in olives. 🙂 Everything is healing up nicely at this point, but that week I spent in the hospital was…well, intense, trying, and humbling. Having to have a nurse take care of your most basic of needs will bring a person to humility really quick. I won’t describe the most humiliating part of that experience, but I wouldn’t ask my closest and dearest of friends to do what was all in a day’s work for the nursing staff at UK Chandler. Bless them, they were AWESOME. All of them.

Once at home, my friend Jill was kind enough to stay with me for the first three days, helping me up and down and fixing me meals and such. I think she rather regarded it as a bit of a writer’s retreat, since we spent a lot of time with our heads in our respective laptops. The people at my church are awesome too, organizing a meal train (www.mealtrain.com) to bring me food each day. I still have a bit of it in the freezer, they brought me that much.

The best news so far is that my cancer was caught early enough that they got all of it, and I don’t have to go through radiation or chemotherapy. That’s the biggest blessing of all! I am on a hormone blocker, though, tamoxifen, for the next 5 years, until they officially declare me cancer free. I’ve only been on it for a week or so, so it’s too early to know what, if any, side effects I’ll have to deal with. I’ve heard that there are mood swings and such, apparently all the side effects of menopause without the “pause” part. Damn. I really want that “pause” part to kick in. Anyway, it’s too early for me to tell whether the mood swings I’m having today are the tamoxifen, the PMS, or the result of having to go off my Prozac (it reacts badly with tamoxifen, I’m told). It could also be just depression at still having no job. My unemployment insurance has run out, and I still don’t have steady work. What money I have is swiftly running out. Even so, I’m in so much better shape than I could be that I just keep reminding myself how very blessed I am. I know God’s got this, but as Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part.


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead Yet…

  1. Swoosieque says:

    You’ve got a great attitude and are probably very lucky that the loser boyfriend went away and that you can surround yourself with people who really care about you.

    • debiwarford says:

      Thanks! And I love your icon. It’s amazing how much I hated being sent so many things with pink, or pink ribbons on them. I didn’t realize just how much I hated pink until this. I am more than my cancer, and certainly more than a ribbon.

      • Swoosieque says:

        Yes, but prior to having breast cancer, I was one of those stupid people who thought the ‘pink’ campaign was so cute and doing so much good… yeah, in reality, only to line the pockets of corporations. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Swoosieque says:

    I just read this again and didn’t remember that you had been on Prozac prior to the Tamoxifen. I stopped taking Arimidex, then Tamoxifen because my ‘side effects’ were severe memory loss… I wonder now if that was a reaction for taking Zoloft along with the Arimidex/Tamoxifen. Hmmm… anyway, I’m back on the Zoloft because my depression needs help.

    • debiwarford says:

      I’m on Effexor now, the next to lowest dose. It apparently doesn’t react with the Tamoxifen. I just hate that I have to be on a drug to counteract the side effects of the first drug, you know? (Although, to be honest, I’d probably need it anyway…)

      • Swoosieque says:

        Yeah, I know. I was prescribed Zoloft and took 25mg/day and for some reason, decided I didn’t need it after I got my diagnosis – I must’ve been off my rocker. Now, I’m taking the full 50mg/day dose, but, I’m wondering if I switched to your drug if maybe I could tolerate the Tamoxifen. I’ll have to ask my oncologist next time I see her. I’m not about to give up the antidepressant right now, I would surely die from lack of sleep.

  3. debiwarford says:

    Must be a cancer thing. I thought the same thing when I got my diagnosis. 🙂

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