The Story So Far…

To help you get some of the nuances of this journey, I need to go back to a little over a year ago; specifically, May of 2012. I’d been in a dead-end job for 12 years, even after having gone back to school to get a graphic design degree. Graduating just in time for a serious downturn in the economy, there seemed to just NOT be any other jobs out there. However, I met a new coworker who told me that this wife wrote and was indie publishing romance novels. I told him that I was an aspiring designer and that my dream job would be designing books. Thus, a business relationship and a sliver of hope was born. In May of 2012, I was let go from my job. Apart from a few friends I had made there over the years, the only thing I miss about the place is the health insurance. I now have none.

I coasted along for a few months, not going to the doctor unless necessary. And the only thing that was really necessary was for me to keep my prescriptions for blood pressure medications up to date. After a couple of times going to a local clinic to get prescriptions, they told me they were no longer able to fill them, and that I would have to find a regular doctor. So I broke down and went to the county Health Department.

Once all the paperwork proving I was poor was done, they started catching me up on all the exams I hadn’t had for years. Gyno and colonoscopy appointments went fine, and showed nothing wrong. Then, they sent me for a routine mammogram. A week after the mammogram, my results arrived in the mail. They needed “more info”, and wanted me to have another round of mammograms. This time they took so many, I asked if I could order the package, and do those come in wallet size? Three and a half hours, between mammograms and ultrasounds. A few days later, I get the word: we need you to come in for biopsies. We have found “areas of concern”. One fine needle aspiration, and 3 ultrasound guided core biopsies. That was last week. They said they would probably have the results early the next week. THE NEXT DAY, the nurse called me to let me know that my left breast is positive for cancer, and they aren’t certain about the right. More tests. I will write more about the actual day of the biopsies in another post. There are some amazing women working at the University of Kentucky Comprehensive Breast Care Center, and I want to tell you about them.

So now the waiting. As Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part. I have scheduling that I need to set up for the other areas of my life, people, and I have to wait to see what I’m gonna be doing for the next few months…

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